Intermezzo: Smashing

I didn’t fully appreciate Smashing Pumpkins; love Zero but if I hear 1979 on the radio again, I’ll crash my car on purpose.

However this week the jet fuel for the rabid workweek that is online publishing is provided by Rocket, Everlasting Gaze, Ava Adore and Cherub Rock.

Smashing indeed.


6 thoughts on “Intermezzo: Smashing

  1. I’ll try a comment again. Nice game last night. After a long game like that, I just wanted to get the hell home. But lately I’ve been annotating all my games, so I will try to write some notes to our game; and if they’re worthwhile, maybe you might want to add some stuff of your own and post to your blog?


  2. Hey – sure! Plus I just sent it to Tim Newman, who plays the Grunfeld. (Of course if I post it I need a new line, but so what.) We’ll hash it all out & make our well-considered conclusions and then Denys will drop by and tell us what was *really* going on. :)

  3. OK. Great. It will honestly be a few weeks until I get some decent time to look at the game, incorporate thoughts from either my coach or ex-coach, and post something. I’m not looking to publish reams of analysis; however, I thought it would be a nice opportunity to publish one of those dual-annotated games, from both players, which are rare. Albiet, we’re both relative “weakies,” but that shouldn’t stop the fun.

    Korchnoi says that he likes to give away his lines, because that forces him to work hard at finding new ones. Let nothing you publish here prevent you from playing the same lines in the future. Some players play the same lines their whole life. I think your “new” move was an early Bg5…I have yet to look it up in MCO or elsewhere. When you played it, my first impression was that it shouldn’t give me much trouble. I remember thinking that it doesn’t hit anything, leaves the d4 square less protected, does not try to stop …c5 (like Ba3 would), as I castled before playing …c5, etc. These are the types of thoughts I like to use in my notes.


  4. Cool.

    Yes, you’ve mentioned the philosophy of Korchnoi The Professional Full-Time Chessplayer before. :) I don’t spray my lines around too much because I don’t have time to work hard finding new ones.

    The point of Bg5 is that in some lines black may be forced to spend a tempo dealing with e7; if he spends that tempo with …h6, then Be3 and a later …Bxd4 leaves that h6 pawn hanging. Not a huge deal necessarily, but an idea. (Not my idea. I believe Tim sent me a column on it some while ago.)

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