A little greener

We’ve lowered the temperature setting in the house by several degrees.

We’ve done some simple things that have cut our electric bill almost in half. Basically paying more attention to the lights, and unplugging appliances not in use.

My 1999 car is getting a little wobbly; the plan is to replace it with a hybrid Camry. But only when I have to.

And we have signed a contract to do solar on our house in the spring. Will let you know how that goes.


4 thoughts on “A little greener

  1. Solar in Massachusetts? Interesting it’s plausible. Would not have thought it effective enough, but it’s not like I’ve bothered to get the facts on it.

    Great to hear about your efforts. Be careful about hybrids, though. I’ve heard many are posers as far as actual “green” benefit.

  2. Right.

    I’m not sure the solar will pay for itself in a timely manner, but we want to do it regardless. (And of course it might, if energy costs swing back up sooner rather than later.)

    The hybrid, I think, will pay off in gas savings regardless of green-ness.

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