The fine line between serendipity and stupidity

Good mashup: We had a friend over for dinner. I made a chimichurri (thanks, Top Chef Sam) of mint, parsley, garlic, oil etc. It wasn’t coming out exactly right so while I tinkered with it I also threw together a fallback sauce: House of Tsang Szechuan Spicy bottled sauce, heated and cut with butter and a little water. Which sauce was best? Neither – both my wife and our guest mixed the two on their plates and declared the combination delicious. (Who knew?)

Bad mashup: At the same dinner I had a shot of Dr. McGillicuddy’s Mint Schnapps. I don’t normally drink shots – this is the second time I’ve ever had one, the first being a memorable encounter with a 15-year-old homemade grappa. The Schnapps shot was in fact completely forgotten when I later tried to counteract a persistent bout of sneezing with a small dose of Children’s Benadryl. Bad, bad mashup. (Who knew? – Everyone but me.)


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