There are goals, there are wishes and then there are resolutions.

A goal for 2009 is to raise my chess rating to 2156. That will be an all-time high for me, by one point. I’d prefer to do it by July 1. The 44 little points after that are gravy.

A wish is something beyond your control. I wish Chessloser would return to blogging. I can’t make him.

My resolutions are simple and clear. First, to exercise more consistently. Second, to be more considerate of other people. The second may sound a little mushy and undefined, but it is not – I have a concrete plan for achieving it and turning it into a habit. (Skeptics be damned.)

And you? Goals and resolutions?


10 thoughts on “Resolute

  1. I always found it arbitrary to set specific rating goals, but I guess when you’ve hit a peak it’s reasonable to expect to get back to it. My specific chess resolution is to play less blitz at ICC, and to use the extra time to train methodically on the endgame.


  2. My resolution is to write *three* blog entries in 2009!

    Oh, and reach 1800 and beyond, achievable if I just stop hanging pieces, seriously.

  3. I’d be happy with 2000 again, though I really can’t see any reason why I couldn’t get back to my peak (about 2090). I’m going to start going to a club again regularly; maybe that’ll kick start it.

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