Cliff says

This is from the Top Chef Cookbook. Part of an interview with Cliff, the unfortunate soul booted on season two for roughing up Marcel.

Q: What about living in the house?
A: The first two weeks, you’re getting to know each other, making new friends. By week three, you’re thinking, “How am I going to get away from my new friends?”

Q: Did you make up with Marcel?
A: After the show, I was in Vegas and I visited him in his restaurant. Everything was great.

Q: Did he serve you some kind of foam?
A: Yes, he did. Yes, he did.


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  1. i love this show, and is virtually the only show in twelve months, save Survivorman, that i plan around. it is fantastic. thoughts of you therein, hence a visit. busy job hunting cum rewrite resume, a big freaking deal with a background as eclectic as mine, and when not otherwise engaged, chess and cooking have NOT suffered. still love your blog. buy silver, SLW on any weekness is the word. thats two pieces of advise in 16 months, go figure.

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