Input/output – in the computing world, how information flows into and out of a system. They have all kinds of fun characterizations of the sequence and nature of such transactions: FIFO is first in, first out, like soda cans in a vending machine. FILO is first in, last out, like soda cans in your refrigerator. GIGO is garbage in, garbage out. If your data is inaccurate or nonsensical, it doesn’t matter how you process it – you’re still going to get bad answers.

The quality of my chessplaying and my blogging are both heavily dependent on continual, new, quality inputs. If I’m reading chess books and doing analysis, I play well – even if the game at hand seems unrelated to whatever I’ve been studying. Conversely, in periods where Reassembler is particularly dull and dry (yes, like now), it usually means I’m overly focused on work and not reading books or wikipedia or otherwise canvassing the world.

It’s all about the inputs.


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