Consume mass quantities

Train rides to and from NYC and plane flights to and from Alabama mean a good bit of reading.

Showing a particularly elevated state of curiosity, I spent most of it on a Carl Hiassen (Skin Tight) and an Elmore Leonard (Ride the Rap). (Threw in some Zurich ’53 by Bronstein – worth many a re-read.)

I know Elmore is regarded as the king of dialogue, but given a choice between the two, I’ll take Carl. That guy is screwy.


2 thoughts on “Consume mass quantities

  1. If you said it was the same book over and over, I couldn’t argue :) The lawyers and politicians are going to be slimeballs; the rugged environmentalists are going to be weird but admirable; somebody’s gonna die ugly, hoist with his own petard (plastic surgeon has aorta sucked into the liposuction machine, hunter gets trampled by rheumy half-dead rhinoceros, bass drags fisherman face-first into outboard props, etc. etc).

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