Consume mass quantities

Train rides to and from NYC and plane flights to and from Alabama mean a good bit of reading.

Showing a particularly elevated state of curiosity, I spent most of it on a Carl Hiassen (Skin Tight) and an Elmore Leonard (Ride the Rap). (Threw in some Zurich ’53 by Bronstein – worth many a re-read.)

I know Elmore is regarded as the king of dialogue, but given a choice between the two, I’ll take Carl. That guy is screwy.


2 thoughts on “Consume mass quantities

  1. I loved Skin Tight. I’ve been less impressed with the couple others of his I’ve read, but Skin Tight had awesome pacing.

  2. If you said it was the same book over and over, I couldn’t argue :) The lawyers and politicians are going to be slimeballs; the rugged environmentalists are going to be weird but admirable; somebody’s gonna die ugly, hoist with his own petard (plastic surgeon has aorta sucked into the liposuction machine, hunter gets trampled by rheumy half-dead rhinoceros, bass drags fisherman face-first into outboard props, etc. etc).

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