Top Chef 5: Thank heavens for Carla

I predicted in November that “the surprise entertainment value this season is going to come from Crazy-Eyez Carla.”

More right than I could have imagined. Now her kooky affect is blending with growing confidence and a real graciousness. Fabio is charming, Stefan is a great chef, but Carla is carrying the show.


6 thoughts on “Top Chef 5: Thank heavens for Carla

  1. Hey!

    Oh, she’s kinda weird :) But the more air time she gets, the more I like her. She’s like Andrew without the homicidal streak. (Faux or real.)

    p.s. Behind the Medusa nickname I detect the presence of the same woman who refers to USATE as Dork Fest. :) Speaking of which… I’m sure you know it’s this weekend…

  2. Ugh . . . I do know USATE is this weekend and I am bummed that you and I are not there. Let’s shoot for next year, ok? I actually played my first rated game in many months this past week, so I am hoping to be back in the swing of things by February 2010.

  3. Well . . . I wouldn’t say back in the saddle. Still have a long way to go.

    Looking forward to seeing the new openings (preferably as a spectator, though, not as an opponent). :)

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