Politics is like Dungeons & Dragons

If you’re fundamentally a stable person, it won’t hurt you. If you’re wobbly to begin with, it provides a wonderful opportunity to become a complete nutjob.


5 thoughts on “Politics is like Dungeons & Dragons

  1. Fascinating theory. I’ve generally considered myself something of a libertarian, but once I made the mistake of going to a convention. I remember a lot of frothy mouthed conspiracy theories and tinfoil hats!

    Chess might not be far off. In the club I used to go to, there was a regular who may have been in his 40s, but displayed the social development of a 5-year-old. Once, after one of his typical post-loss meltdowns, another illustrious member of the club tried to set him on fire with a cig. lighter. I’m sure there was much more to unfold, but I got outta there before things really got interesting.

  2. Excellent! Another proud moment for the chess community.

    In Cincinnati there was a gentleman named who played with a gigantic obnoxious red-and-black set and blew cigar smoke at his opponents.

    Of course there was also the delightful Hans Multhopp who showed up for a Cincy-Dayton match wearing a giant Twinkie suit. So it all evens out.

  3. Hey, at least in D&D you can have an alignment like Chaotic-good. In politics, the alignment is Chaotic-greed. What’s the armor class of a 5th level Republican-sooth-sayer?

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