No USATE blog this year [corrected]

Sigh. Try Michael Goeller’s The Kenilworthian.

Recessions suck.

Let’s try to make this more useful and less whiny, shall we?

Polly’s covering this year’s USATE at her excellent blog Castling Queenside. Lots of photos. [UPDATE: Polly reports USATE 09 won by Palin Gambit at 6-0, a balanced team lead by Boston local Paul MacIntyre. Palin Gambit beat a Larry/Ray Kaufman unit 2.5-1.5 in the last round.]

NM Jim West has a game up, although you’ll have to scroll down a couple hundred times to find it.

The Chess Coroner has also posted a game from the event.

Michael Goeller’s The Kenilworthian may not be writing during the tournament but will undoubtedly have an interesting post-mortem. [Update: he posted a round 3 game with a few other observations about the tournament. For his money the favorites are a team of GM Nick DeFirmian and GM John Fedoriwicz, plus two of their students.]

Will update this post as I find other blogs covering the event.


9 thoughts on “No USATE blog this year [corrected]

  1. Simple Minds has morphed into “The Shmelov Fear”, Denys Shmelov, Alex Cherniack, Philip Nutzman and me.

    We’ve won our first match 3-0 with a forfeit on board 4 :(, Denys and Alex won, and Philip is still playing.

    I’ll keep you updated here.


  2. Sadly we faltered… lost in round five, behind the ropes just like last year (same table too), when I heartreakingly lost a winning game to a 2000+ player AGAIN!

    We ended up with 4-2, Denys lost in the last round so he didn’t even get his clock.


  3. Apparently Derek and I were worth an extra half point. :)

    Just kidding, Matt. Sorry that the team didn’t win and that there were no board prizes. Nice to see that a Mass-led team won the title, though.

  4. Another close miss by Denys. Winning 10 games in two years on board 1 is pretty darn good.

    Matt, you play those experts tough. What more can you ask?

    Greg, I’ll have my Latvian Gambit tuned up by next year, not to worry.

  5. My highlight of the tournament was probably DeFirmian spilling a glass of wine on me at the bar.

    Grandmasters! Feh!

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