This record was made to be broken (get it?)

Once upon a time nobody could run a mile in four minutes. It became a well-known “barrier”, some speculating (after years of failed attempts) that it marked some natural limitation for humans. Physiologically impossible to run a four-minute mile, you see.

Of course Roger Bannister eventually broke through that alleged barrier. Today records fall at every track meet, life expectancies continue to soar, knowledge and performance relentlessly advance.

For example: Why it seems like only yesterday that the Black-Eyed Peas had made the ridiculous song ne plus ultra, My Humps.

Then along came Pink’s So What, a tune with lyrical and musical sophistication reminiscent of the sound a big truck makes backing up.

Surely So What would hold its position for a few decades? Or years at least? Mais non! Already it looks like Mozart compared to Nickelback’s Something in Your Mouth.

So congratulations to Nickelback, for making the Most Vapid Piece of Music on the Radio, Ever.

Unfortunately, like the four-minute mile, I’m sure your achievement will be quickly surpassed.


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