What’s it to you?

Reassembler shows up mostly on chess blog blogrolls. But it’s fun to see what category they put it under (this being at best an occasional chess blog, me being at best an occasional chessplayer).

Blog:                                            Lists Reassembler under:

Robert Pearson                 Chess blogs

Boylston Chess Club        Kibitzers

Blunderprone                     Friends of Blunder who are not necessarily knights

Chess Improvement         Edgy or Alternative or Ecclectic Quality Chess Blogs that I Never Fail to Read

Liquid Egg Product           Not-Enemies


3 thoughts on “What’s it to you?

  1. I came to the brilliance that is Reassembler through dk-tranformation and LEP, and they’re in chess blogs, as well, though that’s not really 100 percent accurate, either.

    If I moved you to “Some Fine Non-chess Sites” you’d be in there with High Heels and What Jeff Killed. Elite company, indeed, but farther down where most never venture.

    I’ve been thinking I need a restructuring of the whole sidebar anyway. I myself have done “not chess” posts more often recently. Perhaps you, me, Donnie and a few others belong in our own category of “Brilliant and eclectic bloggers of chess and the many other important aspects of life.”

  2. My heavens! It’s true that few venture down to What Jeff Killed, because if I ever had I would have clicked on it immediately due to its brilliant name, and then I would have undoubtedly wandered onto the HORRIFYING GRATUITOUS MOUSE DECAPTITATION AND DISEMBOWELMENT PHOTOS!!! And then I would have been queasy all night.


    – An alternative classification for us would probably be “bloggers will very little ability to focus.” Just depends on whom you ask, I guess.

  3. Jeff is a very handsome cat, no?

    The only disagreement I have with you on this is the use of “gratuitous.” I would argue that the HORRIFYING…MOUSE DECAPTITATION AND DISEMBOWELMENT PHOTOS!!! are integral to the whole raison d’être,/i> of What Jeff Killed

    Well, I’d also say that we all have a tremendous ability to focus, just not on one thing for very long.

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