We have a winner!

Based on highly unscientific survey: Clearwater, Fla – worst restaurant town in the US!


3 thoughts on “We have a winner!

  1. My family was visiting San Antonio one weekend. It was roughly lunchtime, so we stopped by a Pizza Hut. They seated us (we were the only ones there–a strong hint in retrospect), ordered a pizza and a pitcher of Pepsi.

    After about 25 minutes, our food hadn’t come out yet. The waitress was not visible on the floor, so my dad got up and walked to the door of the kitchen and peeped in the window.

    Apparently, they hadn’t even started the pizza. The workers were just joking around in the back. We walked out–the waitress still was nowhere to be seen.

    At least we got free Pepsi out of it.

  2. San Antonio sounds a lot like Italy. At least in Italy though restaurant staff has the courtesy to disappear only after they bring your food (but before they bring the check, of course).

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