Just back from our annual security leadership conference in Clearwater.

Shared hotel space with the Synthetic Turf Council.

Spent a half-hour talking with Derek Benz, a chief information security officer who also has published 3 books for kids/preteens.

Discovered that the conference producer once upon a time was a roadie for Megadeth.

Was served raw chicken at Bob Heilman’s Beachcomber restaurant. Crispy skin but pink, gelatinous, raw chicken underneath. They did cook me a replacement but didn’t alter the bill. So now they’re on my blog. Well done! (- get it?)

Did find a good final-evening dinner at the Island Way Grill, so I retract my meanspirited previous post.


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  1. Looked at the Derek Benz Wkikpedia page you linked. I note that the “Living people” category is one of the most desirable available, or at least the one that individuals will make the greatest effort avoid a change in.

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