March Madness: Time for sports headline writers to go into overdrive, describing at least one result per day (and often many more) as “stunning”.

Even in the hyperbole-oriented web world, this is irritating and lazy. Perhaps on occasion they could toss in shocks, drops, tops, stops, slaps, knocks, floors, flattens or – are you sitting down? – “beats”.

I am going to use this post to document the stunning phenomenon over the next month or so.

3/12, all on NBCSports, just for starters:

3/14, ESPN headline: Another 1 Stunned (#1 seed UNC, minus starting PG, loses to #4 seed Florida State. Yeah, who coulda ever imagined.)

3/15, Fox Sports: USC Stuns ASU to Steal Tourney Bid (Inigo: “I do not think that word means what you think it means.”)


5 thoughts on “Stunning

  1. 100% agree with your premise. This really hacks me off.

    When a ranked team defeats another ranked team in basketball, it should never be considered amazing. #18 Syracuse isn’t as good as #3 UConn, but they are obviously a very good team with a decent chance to win. It’s not amazing.

    Heck, we saw even Baylor has enough talent (BU’s guards are excellent) to possibly defeat top teams.

    The worst violation I’ve seen was “No. 13 ____ upsets No. 12 ____”. What the deuce???? They are right next to each other in the rankings, so are considered approximately equal in strength. How can that be an upset?

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