And I’m not gonna take it any more

After the fact, everybody says we shoulda seen this collapse coming. The crazy risks, the lax oversight, the lack of accountability.

Well I’ll tell you where we’re headed for our next quagmire, and something needs to be done IMMEDIATELY IF NOT SOONER, because the Chinese Fortune Cookie manufacturing industry is so wildly lacking in accountability that you KNOW they’re getting reckless and stupid. It’s like they can publish ANY DANG THING THEY FEEL LIKE SAYING.

The other day I got this one: “Good fortune and new opportunity will befall you soon.” But has it? Has it really? Of course not. You go to the shop, you confront them, you know what you’ll get: a lot of shoulder-shrugging, a lot of “you just haven’t waited long enough”, a lot of non-quantifiables and mushy ambiguities.

It’s disgusting that they can make these promises without regard to accuracy, without any repercussions whatsoever.

All in the name of selling a few more cookies.


4 thoughts on “And I’m not gonna take it any more

  1. Strangely enough, Chinese fortune cookies are actually made in America. In China they call them American cookies. But its all a very mysterious hush hush operation.

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