My chess rating is up, at least relative to the preceding ten years.

The Dow Jones Industrial Random Number Generator is also up, at least today, at least for now.

CSO‘s web traffic is up, though I’d like more.

My IQ is presumably flat or receding.

I can do 2.3 miles followed by 160 pushups (4×40).

Wanna quantify every little thing you do? Wanna base your happiness on performance metrics? Wanna? Wanna?


6 thoughts on “Numbers

  1. You know what? I haven’t looked at my portfolio nor my chess rating since mid January. It keeps the noise away, if you know what I mean. I already have enough buzzing in the ears.

    A short ode to chess performance noise:


    Wall chart, pairing table,
    MFA page, Chess Life label,
    ICC window, that damn crosstable.

    Distraction from mating.
    Obnoxious kid: “What’s your rating?”

  2. Congrats on the new high rating. I hit my highest level this month as well. Had I not blown enexcahnge during my game with “the Count P.” I would have taken my rating over 1800 for the first time. Gee, I even emulated my opponent in his honor, mimicking his attire, coiffure,and some of his manners. It would have had more of an impact had I won though.

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