Ugly shoes

Toward the end of college I got a pair of red-and-black Air Jordan canvas hightops. Perfect for the twenty-year-old aesthetic.

Then I moved and got a job and started playing basketball Wednesday nights with professional colleagues, most of whom were, let us say, not in their twenties. Grey t-shirts, grey shorts, grey hair. I quickly became aware that my red-and-black shoes looked ridiculous, obnoxious. Ugly.

Considered shelving them. But then I became willful and decided, you know what? The world is grey enough already. On basketball night, I’m wearing my ugly shoes.


5 thoughts on “Ugly shoes

  1. I had a made the same bad decision with the red and black Nike air high tops back in the 80’s complete with mullet. I thought I was all that with a bag a chips on the side. Wearing this fashion statement under the cover of a class 10 clean room “bunny suit” kind of defeated the idea of “flare” but at the lunch table… those who dared let me sit with them were taking chances of public ridicule to be associated with such a colorful deviant.

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