It’s complicated

The movie Earth is fantastic.

I did not know about the cranes that migrate over the Himalayas every year, against insane gusting winds.

Birds of Paradise are hysterical and amazing and weird.

I correctly identified lots of animals on first sight (the lynx, the caribou, the springbok) and then looked at the walruses and thought, “sea lions!”. Doy.

It seems that no matter how many nature films you see over the years, there’s always something more and something left to surprise and amuse.

Predictably, this weekend 3x as many people went to see the critically drubbed movie Obsessed.


4 thoughts on “It’s complicated

  1. Have you seen Werner Herzog’s documentary about Antarctica, “Encounters at the End of the World”? If you like nature films, you’ll love Encounters. It’s not entirely a nature film per se, but Herzog is so attuned to the natural world in all of his movies, and obviously in the story of Antarctica, nature is a significant character.

  2. Cool!(Ha ha!) I have not.

    But I did see Grizzly Man (alternate title: This Person Is Significantly Unbalanced).

    And I read The Last Place on Earth (alternate title: The Norwegians are Pissed At Robert Scott).

    So it sounds really interesting.

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