Great love songs of the modern era

Can’t move my arms to hold nobody, hold nobody but you

Can’t move my legs to chase nobody, to kick nobody but you

Second song:

When they finally come to destroy the Earth

They’ll have to go through you first

Bet they won’t be expecting that

And my money says they won’t know about the thousand farenheit hot metal lights behind your eyes

You’re invincible

(So please, use your power for good)

[This is from OK Go’s Invincible, viewable at: .

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5 thoughts on “Great love songs of the modern era

  1. GS, I vaguely recall that hangover. My favorite line: “… can’t lick no body but you”

    Then I suddenly get this flashback:
    “I’ve got a little change in my pocket…”

    Man! those guys had the married mullet angst thing going with the jack daniels line dancing. Hooo! Doggy!

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