Murray Mednick and me

Somehow as I started tinkering around with Wikipedia, I wound up finding the page on Spider Grandmother, a figure in Native American mythology. From there I read about Murray Mednick, a Los Angeles playwright who was identified in Wikipedia as himself a Native American, probably because he wrote a set of plays called The Coyote Cycle featuring Spider Grandmother, among others characters.

Didn’t take much research to discover Mednick is Jewish.

Sometimes that’s Wikipedia for you.

But I corrected it. And then it seemed that Mednick was a more accomplished playwright than his entry gave him credit for. So I searched around some more and beefed up his entry. And once in a while I look around with Google and discover something new, like a 2009 production of three new Mednick plays in LA.

Murray is 70 now, so that seems pretty good.

I’ve never met him or seen his plays.

Yet somehow the Web forges this kind of loose accidental connection, such as it is.


One thought on “Murray Mednick and me

  1. Derek,

    Thanks for updating Murray Mednick’s Wikipedia entry, even if it was forged by a loose accidental connection.

    I saw a production of his play “The Deer Kill” when I was a student at Florida State University in 1972-73 and thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Now that I have been reminded of him again I plan to read some more of his plays.

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