Stick shift

As my 1999 Camry putters toward end-of-life, I wonder: Is this my last manual transmission?

Does the average 20-something today know how to drive a stick?

Can you still get one without special-ordering it?

Good in snow, slightly better gas mileage (at least according to ’07 EPA stats), fun to drive – what’s not to love?


8 thoughts on “Stick shift

  1. I love my stick. I have driven a stick since 1977. People are so shocked when they get in my car for the first time. “You drive a stick shift?” Being able to down shift to slow down in snow has saved my ass more then once. I thought my transmission was going to land in Montreal ahead of me the time I down shifted from 5th to 2nd when traffic ground to a very sudden stop in snow.

  2. In Europe it is hard to find a car that DOESN’T have a stick. I learned to drive on a car with a manual transmission and clearly remember it being brutal in a big-city with its stop-and-go traffic.

  3. Egg – I thought you were this site’s representative 20-something? (p.s. mmm, burritos)

    Polly – right on.

    Blunder – you somehow manage to be completely consistent and yet frequently say the opposite of what I’m expecting you to say. That’s really puzzling :)

    Denys – also a good point. I live in the suburbs.

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