Various Dutches

There are two things I can’t stand: people who are intolerant of other people’s cultures, and the Dutch.

 – Austin Powers

previously mentioned the state of industrial regression known as Dutch disease.

If you are familiar with English and German, you can read a fair bit of Dutch.

You’ve also heard the phrase ‘Dutch courage’, i.e. the bravery that comes from being drunk. Turns out that’s one of many disparaging terms developed by, surprise surprise, the English (who apparently hadn’t yet learned that you can’t make yourself look smart by mocking other people).

In chess, I used to play the Dutch defense (1.d4 f5), which got its name not as a perjorative but which is widely regarded as positionally suspect. It’s like a lot of positionally suspect openings – fun when you’re winning, but more often you aren’t.


13 thoughts on “Various Dutches

  1. He would say, “Pass the Dutchie, please.” Wait, that was my old buddy “Bogart.” Isn’t Curdo the guy who has won like 1,300 tournaments, a real kick-ass kind of fellow? Does he play the Dutch? Just trying to learn something here.

  2. Also, there’s “going Dutch” on a date; implying cheapness (or is it “frugality”) in the male of the species.

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