The Westerners are at it again

Howell-PalliserThe British Chess Championship is wrapping up today.

In the unlikely event you haven’t been glued to your screen watching every move – you’ve missed a lot.

This first diagram is move 10 from GM David Howell versus IM/book author Richard Palliser on board one, in round 9.

White won.

The type of chess being played is, dare I say, not what you’ll find in the Absolute Russian Super Mega Ultra Championship. England seems to be awash in self-taught 2500-ish GMs who steer away from the dry and technical and toward the crazy and tactical. (Post title refers to earlier groundless speculation about linguistic/cognitive differences between east and west.)

Oh, full game: 


Sir-GawainThis second diagram is GM Gawain Jones against GM Simon Williams (a personal favorite as he sometimes blunders with 1.d4 f5?!). In this position White played 15.Nxe5.

There’s a lot more to this sacrifice than might first meet the eye – aside from just the first idea, 15.Nxe5 Bxe2 16.Rxe2 dxe5? 17.Ba4+ and gets the queen back.

Black played for a long time without his kingside pieces. In fact, when White resigned on move 44, Black had still not moved the bishop from f8.

Full game:


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