The annotated Black-Eyed Peas

Yo, I got that hit that beat the block [The narrator is an accomplished artist]
You can get that bass down below [A speaker-system reference]
I got that rock and roll [Puzzling reference to an unrelated musical genre]
That future flow [He is inventing new musical tropes rather than recycling old ones]

That digital spit [The narrator’s music is altered with computer techniques]
Next level visual s**t [Making a rhyme with “spit”]
I got that boom boom pow [Gibberish]
How the beat bang, boom boom pow [The narrator is pretending to be three years old]

I like that boom boom pow [Second narrator enjoys dancing]
Them chickens jackin’ my style [Other dancers attempt to imitate her movements]
They try copy my swagger [And her confidence]
I’m on that next s**t now [But when she is copied, she is embarassed and quickly switches to another style]

I’m so 3008 [Hyperbolic temporal reference; braggadocio]
You so 2000 and late [An insult to other DJs and performers]
I got that boom, boom, boom [She has forgotten the lyrics and is “vamping” through the stanza]
That future boom, boom, boom [Aha, she vaguely recalls the previous narrator mentioning the future, but can’t recall if it ends with “pow” or “boom”]
Let me get it now [Frustrated, she plans to go find her sheet with the lyrics]


7 thoughts on “The annotated Black-Eyed Peas

  1. I will never hear this “song” the same way again. Ever. :)

    I actually thought “spit” was a substitute for “s**t” but apparently not.

    you’re a droll hip cat!

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