The ennui of champions

[For Yermolinski] winning the U.S. Open in a six-way tie is no big deal. “I have nothing to add to my titles. I won this tournament four times,” he adds, noting that in 1995, 1997 and 2000 he won the event outright.

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Ah yes. It is the irony of success: Once you have reached your goals, what is left to achieve?

Alexander the Great, having conquered everything, sat down and wept for the prospect of overwhelming boredom.

Aspiring pop-queen Alanis Morissette (a longtime supporter of this blog), having scorched the charts with Jagged Little Pill in the mid-90s, flew to India to find balance in yoga and meditation.

Donnie of Liquid Egg Product, first among equals at the Houston Open, now wallows in the same un-directed-ness that consumed me after I tied for first (with four-year-old Chris “The Bear” Williams!) in the Class A section of the New England Open in 1946 (or was it 2004?).

Once you have won everything, really, what next?


4 thoughts on “The ennui of champions

  1. My college philosophy professor used to call the Durham/Chapel Hill/Raleigh/Winston-Salem area the “Parallelogram of Ennui” (instead of the “Research Triangle”). Maybe it was your time spent at UNC instead of your first place tie with the Bear?

    LEP — Congrats on your victory at the Houston Open. Your post on Alexander Yang is comedy gold.

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