Wikipedia’s worst articles, part two

from Operatunity:

The audition process followed a casting call for submitted videotapes, that resulted in some 2000 entries from a colorful group of which a hundred were auditioned in person, on a bus tour that encompassed regional auditions, which led to a series of London workshops for the final six participants, including an investment banker, a builder—who stood on a scaffolding at a construction site to belt out a Neapolitan song— an ex-police officer, wrestler and model, a supermarket cashier, and a blind mother of three.

This particular sentence reads like an entry in the Bulwer-Lytton contest.


5 thoughts on “Wikipedia’s worst articles, part two

  1. [i was reading that in my head and
    it didn’t register that there weren’t
    any full stops until I realsed I
    hadn’t paused in ages]

    [it seems like the kind of sentence
    that if I was asked to read out aloud
    I’d pass out from not having time to
    breathe in, haha]

  2. I’m out of breath reading it! What is the word for a sentence disguised as a poorly structured paragraph?

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