Five classic board games

A friend has a beautiful house (well, cabin might be more accurate) on a lake in Maine. It’s not insulated, so you can’t live there year-round. So it’s a summer vacation house, and it’s a bit of a time capsule, filled with flotsam and knick-knacks from the 70s. Including a killer collection of board games.

Anybody remember …

hollywood squares board game

That’s TV host Peter Marshall in the picture. Apparently Peter’s given name was actually Ralph Pierre LaCock. At some point that was deemed not fitting for a television personality.

Movin’ on! How about…

masterpiece board game

Art auction madness! At some point I loved this game. Now that I’ve played it again, I can’t recall the attraction.

Side note: My family was big on board games. I was an insufferable poor loser. Why they let me keep joining in, I do not know.

scribbage dice game

Who could forget Scribbage? Um, me. But maybe you remember it. Looks like a mashup of Scrabble and Speed Dominos.

payday board game

I LOVED PAYDAY! Now my daughter loves PayDay.

trouble board game

And here’s Trouble, with the famous Pop O Matic die roller (also used on another Kohner game, Headache). Good times. Perhaps one of the last commercial products to advertise itself as “frustrating” – see upper left of box.

Got any stuff like this in your attic?

15 thoughts on “Five classic board games

  1. Wow, I just had a similar discussion with my Dad, but about old TVs. This is the first one his Dad bought, and I remember they were still using it when I was a real little kid:

  2. I remember playing the board game version of “Password” on the Cape when the weather was bad. In one of those “as-if-it-was-yesterday” memories, I remember my older brother not thinking I would know what the word “parentheses” was.

    I can picture everything about that scene even though it was 35+ years ago. Weird.

    Incidentally, that is how I learned chess. In 1972 my brother was following Fischer – Spassky and taught me the moves on the Cape during a rainy day. Damn him :)

  3. re: counting – no.

    re: Blitz – US Chess League is awesome. I’ll reup my incredibly generous sponsorship ($20) again this year. Boston will presumably win now that it has good management. *cough* ;)

  4. Hey, I am 21-9 in the regular season as manager, made the playoffs each year, the finals twice, etc. etc. Far, far better than the USATE teams I’ve been on, *cough, cough*


  5. This should be shameful to admit, but I actually jumped out of my chair and cheered upon seeing the 2500th comment thing. Still don’t know why.

    Becoming a “Blitz Buddy” sounds interesting. It might be the only chess title seriously within reach.


    Egg Person: Who wouldn’t be excited, really?

  7. Pro Draft was an old favorite of mine. It came with 50 Topps football cards from 1974. Looking back at the game as an adult, I think that the most interesting thing about it is the cards themselves. On the back of each is a little cartoon that contains a “fun fact” about the player on the card.

    Some examples:

    “Player X is a bellhop in the offseason”

    “Player Y works on an assembly line in the offseason”

    “Player Z drives a bus in the offseason”

    You get the idea. Professional football has changed a lot since then.

  8. That’s cool. At first I thought I’d never heard of it, but the pic looks familiar. One of my friends must have had it.

    “is a bellhop in the offseason”. Wow.

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