Because democracy only works if you vote

Please note your preference in the comments. My next post will be one of the following – whichever gets the most votes:

1. Protein and hygiene

2. Running with your belly

3. Link love

4. The debatable value of trying too hard to win

5. A good movie you haven’t seen yet

6. Nobody cares – put a sock in it, Slater


21 thoughts on “Because democracy only works if you vote

  1. I’d like to see some reassembling, so I’m voting for “Running with the debatable value of a link sock.”

  2. Isn’t #4 a contradiction in terms? Isn’t the condition of trying “too hard to win” bad by definition, which makes it impossible for it to be debateable. Or do you have something sly up your sleeve?

  3. I don’t want to try TOO hard to win this…but number 4 really sounds informative. ( crosses fingers, hopes in anticipation, creates shrine of failed games where he tried too hard)

  4. Even if I’m the only one to vote for it: #3. There is not enough of it in the chess blogosphere. Hmmm, maybe I should write that post and you can concentrate on #4.

  5. Wahrheit – you da man. Will get back to you on that. p.s., I note that “popchess” ripped off your post. Ain’t that ironic.

    LEP – Please do. That would be fun.

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