Road trip

What a strange and excellent week it was, while I was busily not-blogging.

Traveled to Anaheim for a physical security trade show. Boring? Furthest thing from it! This show revs up my inner geek – images posted here.

Very dangerous, you go first

Anyway the conference booked Disneyland for an evening reception. Yes, kicked all the civilians out of the park so we could take over the west side. Couldn’t access all the rides, but six or so were kept open – and for most of the evening you could walk on without waiting. In this manner I rode Pirates of the Caribbean, then Indiana Jones (twice), and the Big Thunder Mountain roller coaster, and a few others. Total time spent in lines, all night: about 15 minutes. Total money spent: Zero. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

In Anaheim I also ate dinner at Roy’s. We East Coasters may remember Roy Yamaguchi from the Hawaiian finale of Top Chef season two. Apparently he has a lot of restaurants now and the food was fantastic. A colleague observed that the waiter seemed very knowledgable, so he told the waiter “surprise me”. And everything he got was amazing as well. Crispy calamari, tasty salmon, short ribs, tuna tartare with pine nuts, chocolate lava cake, pumpkin mousse, lychee caipirinha. All great.

Luca eats with the fishes

Then I went to Philly and got to eat dinner at Morimoto. As in Iron Chef Morimoto. It’s a beautiful space and we had some great food, although I definitely established some limitations to my sushi enthusiasm. Tako, for instance, and some whitefish and some blue-skin fishes, are not for me. Chutoro, on the other hand, is spectacular.


4 thoughts on “Road trip

  1. Dude, you’re breaking my heart. My road trips consist of a choice between:
    (a) Shuttle to DC to help de-confuse large IT efforts – all the time spent in dingy dimly lit fed buildings mostly without windows. No, the Pentagon is not glamorous. The breakfast place I go to sells breakfast buy the pound (literally!)… And they closed the freakin Legal’s at National Airport. I should sue someone, but who?
    (b) Long trips to exciting Air Force bases like Maxwell/Gunter in Montgomery AL. At least there is Sam’s BBQ for fine eating! The building is a step up from a lean-to but the food is outrageously good! Here are some reviews:'s+bbq+montgomery+al&fb=1&gl=us&hq=sam's+bbq&hnear=montgomery+al&cid=15259492732771452348&li=lmd
    Here is a google map:'s+bbq+montgomery+al&fb=1&gl=us&hq=sam's+bbq&hnear=montgomery+al&cid=15259492732771452348&li=lmd

  2. @Derek: OK, so we are slightly jealous. Nonetheless, the information about Roy’s is valuable as a road trip to one is plausible.

    @Harvey: Next time, request a Miami assignment so at least you can go look at the surgery-enhanced beachgoers.

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