How to make time stop

When I was a kid, a summer day lasted roughly forever. Now the clock and calendar conspire against us, and sometimes whole years seem to zip past, like blurred scenery through a train window.

Through the generosity of a friend, we stumbled on a way to slow it down: provence_fields

If you go to France, and travel to the Provence region in the south, there’s a valley connecting immaculate little hillside villages like Sault and Moniuex.

Go to the valley and stand outside a farmhouse in the afternoon in a lavender field. Look at the mountains, look at the lavender, look at the villages.

Don’t do email, don’t blog, don’t tweet. Turn the ringer off.

Bring a glass of wine if you like. If you’re hungry, pick a fig off a nearby fig tree, or crack open a walnut.

Listen to the grasshoppers, or the sheep just over the hillside.

While you do this, the sun will hang in the afternoon sky for a long, long time.


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