Love you more

I put up Link Love as a potential post in the Reassembler voting process.

It lost. Undeterred, Wahrheit took up the flag on his excellent chess (and other stuff) blog. He’s right – the river of interblog links seems to have dried to a trickle in recent months. I’m guilty as anyone.

For instance, I don’t think I’ve ever linked to Blunderprone’s in-depth chess history posts. Unlike 99.9999999999 percent of the world’s bloggers (*points at self*), George really puts some research into his posts.

The inimitable DK Transformation never fails to enlighten and entertain (unless he’s on hiatus :) both on his chess blog and on The System of the System.

My friend and former co-worker Michael Fitzgerald covers broad ground on Archimedes Hot Tub (get it?); eg On Feudal Capitalism – read the comments too. (Michael recently wrote an indepth series about the Mafia for

I thought this Abbie Lundberg interview was fascinating on the revolutionary nature of the iPhone – this is much more insightful than merely “oh look it’s so cool”. Gets to the nature of software systems in the business world.

There’s lots more to link but I’m pressed for time. More later.

In the words of some 70s band, let your love flow.

A small side note for those who love to give: It’s better to link words of substance (examples above) than to link the word “here” or “this post”. From a Google POV. Just sayin’.


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