Love, the sequel

Not to be too derivative but Wahrheit mentions several other chess blogs that deserve linkage: Dennis Monokroussos’ The Chess Mind (the author is, you know, actually *good* at chess); Michael Goeller’s The Kenilworthian;  and Blue Devil Knight (who would himself probably admit to being not so good at chess, but whose blog is intelligent and entertaining; also don’t miss his more serious but equally interesting brainy Neurochannels blog);

I also feel I have been remiss in not pointing people to Tacticus Maximus, who created ChessFlash.

Liquid Egg Product needs no introduction to Reassembler readers, which is good because he/they/it  is/are hard to properly introduce.

Down a different path, I have taken some of my notes on SEO and turned them into columns for emediavitals, a new site for publishing professionals. It’s all written aimed at editors like me, but if you’re interested in how search engines work and how people can listen to them and talk to them, you might like such stuff as Keyword research: Two critical strategies. (Can I link to my own stuff and call it love? The point is I’m linking to emediavitals, which seems determined to publish little or no whining about the death of journalism, which is why I like their site.)

I also want to give a shout-out to former colleague Con Von Hoffman (yes) whose Collateral Damage blog is snarky to the max, smart and funny commentary on culture, marketing, news, you name it.

More later (although I risk appearing to Google as a giant link farm).


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