Endless love

Not really endless. Last linking post:

“Mathematics has always been used for denotation. However, our interest is to use math as a language for connotation.” – Mathematical Poetry. The concept of poetry expressed in math form is interesting in and of itself; it gets even more weird when you start merging and/or solving the resulting equations.

My wife designs and builds websites (and marketing plans and…). Like one for those who need a charter flight, or another if you of more modest income and have to go by bike (of course biking in Provence is much nicer than biking in Framingham), or another if you aren’t traveling and want to make your home much nicer through remodeling. She’s extremely talented and smart.

If you want to compete with her level of genius and need inspiration, these guys at Tiny Gigantic always find fascinating creative ideas and projects.

Want more chess? Unless you’ve been under a rock you know about the pure thrills of the US Chess League. I kinda maintain its Wikipedia page and follow/support my local team. And here’s some love for Wang’s Chess House, and Smitty’s Chess Corner, and Strong Among the Weak….

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