The seven terrible plagues of modern American life

7. The Hummer

6. Email. I get 300 messages per day – on a quiet day.

5. Thrash politics. IMHO we should just tune out anybody whose discussions focus on the other group (“the liberals”, “right-wing nutjobs” etc) rather than on issues and solutions.

4. The Exchange French

3. Usury. 40% interest cards – these guys must have the most powerful political lobbyists in the world.

2. Lady Gaga

1. tie: Infomercials / NASCAR


10 thoughts on “The seven terrible plagues of modern American life


    Sorry for shouting but I’m soooo tired of all this vitriol and over simplification in our supposed political discussion.

    NASCAR – I never got the draw.

    Informercials – remember long ago when the TV stations would just turn off? You’d finish watching the re run of “Late Night with David Letterman” and they would play the National Anthem, and you’d get multicolored bars across your screen. It was like the networks were saying, “That’s it kids TV is closed for the day.”

  2. I am fascinated by infomercials and could watch them all day. What you call a plague, I consider a precious gift to the world of entertainment. :)

  3. You need to eliminate the word “Exchange” from #4.

    I would add to the list: Left hand exits on Interstate highways. e.g. the mess on I-84 near Hartford CT.

  4. You may want to capitalize “hummer.” In certain parts of the country it means something that would not be considered a plague, but perhaps even a blessing.

  5. Tx – in publishing one of the first things I learned was to subject your headlines/copy to “the dirty mind test” so as to avoid printing awful unintentional double-entendres. (A lesson that bears refreshing from time to time I guess :)

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