Better than you remember

I don’t care about the videos (which are indeed ridiculous) but dismissal of these bands as sort of campy 80s junk misses the point. They made some interesting music that holds up quite nicely, thanks:




Go ahead, make fun of me. I’m ready.


6 thoughts on “Better than you remember

  1. I totally agree! Maybe it’s just because I was a teenager at the time, but I think that the 80’s were a golden age of top-40 pop. Duran Duran may have been pretty-boy poseurs, but they were pretty-boy poseurs who knew how to write a pop song.

  2. Hm, yes. I would say most of these (Midnight Oil, Smiths particularly) were good bands of a different ilk, i.e. less likely to be dismissed as gimmicks.

    I have only recently begun to appreciate The Smiths.

    I don’t know the Godfathers.

    The Firm?! Like the Paul Rodgers supergroup one-hit wonders?(“Radioactive”, a nicely trivial piece of catchiness which I can probably still sing if pressed, since it had about 12 words total.)

  3. Nothing to make fun of here. The 80’s was a great — and perhaps the greatest — decade for pop/rock music.

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