Dear Mr. Crabby Old Chessplayer #6

Dear Mr. Crabby Chess Player.

I am a low A player and I pride myself on combining an aggressive approach and a high degree of objectivity. If you must know, I am an actuary by profession. So I possess a good understanding of real risk versus perceived risk.

I very nearly won this recent OTB game against an expert, and in fine style. Alas, he cheapo’d me on the queenside. I know that your honest evaluation of my annotations will help me break through to candidate master.

AtomSmasher – Expert

1.  d4   Nf6   
2.  Bg5  e6   
3.  f3   h6  
4.  Bh4  c5 
5.  Bf2  d5  
6.  dxc5 Na6  
His knight is dim on the rim.

7.  Nc3  Bxc5  
8.  Bxc5 Nxc5

9.  Qd4  Qe7   My queen is active in the center.

10. O-O-O  a6     With my king safe I am ready to surge forward on the kingside. Opposite-wing castling always leads to a race.

11. g4  b5   
12. h4  Bb7  
13. Qd2 b4  
14. Nb1 Rc8  
15. g5  hxg5  
16. Qxg5   g6    
Black has to burn a move on defense and now his dark squares are weak weak weak.

17. Bg2   b3 
18. Nc3  d4    

Black drops a pawn

 DIAGRAM. Black blunders a pawn, but I figured why take this d4 pawn when I can spend the tempo bringing my knight into the attack?

19. Ne4  Bxe4   
20. fxe4  bxa2  
Wienerschnitzel. Despite my advantage in space I have fallen into a fork (21.Kd2 Nxe4+ nicks my queen).  0-1.
Black was on the ropes – Where did I go wrong?

Sincerely, AtomSmasher.


Dear AtomSmasher:

Looks like your mistake was showing up. This unprepared lunge with g4 reminds me of watching a seventh-grade band dork trying to hit on the ninth-grade cheerleading squad captain.  Do chess a favor and stick with life insurance.


4 thoughts on “Dear Mr. Crabby Old Chessplayer #6

  1. This may be the best Mr. Crabby yet.

    Black has to burn a move on defense and now his dark squares are weak weak weak.

    If there are weak dark squares in a forest, and a light-squared Bishop is there to take advantage of them, do they make a sound?

  2. Denys – MCOCP is more meanspirited than lyrical.

    Egg – If the dark squares are weak then the lightsquared bishop is ready to sacrifice to destroy all remaining cover. This is of course hard to do from the f1 square :)

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