USATE 2010: prep

I missed it last year, but this year I’ve latched on to a great team for the US Amateur Team East (aka dork fest) in scenic Parsippany, NJ.

  • Shmelov (2475ish)
  • Riordan (2400ish)
  • Me (2120ish)
  • Phelps (1650ish)

Can’t wait. I am told IM Fluffybunny has constructed a team precisely engineered to a 2199.75 average rating and that they plan to crush us, specifically (as if no 2190+ teams were going to show up from NYC and UT Dallas this year).

I would have lobbied for the team name “Two Chessplayers” but it’s not my team. I am a lucky passenger.

I have reviewed my previous USATE prep list. I am studying and my openings are nearly up to speed. All that remains is to choose between 1.e4 and 1.d4. (Heh. Sorta.)


6 thoughts on “USATE 2010: prep

  1. It’s my team, and I say the name is “The Shmelov Money.” BTW, here are the official Annual ratings for the team:

    Denys Shmelov 2470
    Charles Riordan 2411
    Derek Slater 2132
    Matt Phelps 1686

    For a team average of 2174.75. Clearly we can guarantee wins on 3 and 4, so we only need a draw from either 1 or 2.

  2. We’re at 2187.75, but still no match for “The Shmelov of 4 Digital Clocks and a Championship Plaque” or whatever it is you are calling yourselves. :)

  3. LEP: I haven’t mastered the positional subtleties of the Grob yet.

    Greg: You aren’t fooling anybody. We know you have a killer team.

    “Table Runners” is catchy.

    Matt: Put down the hallucinogens.

  4. By the way, I have declared #usate2010 to be the twitter tag for the tournament. So far I’m the only one who has tweeted using it :)

    Follow me on twitter if you care to, “mwlphelps”


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