Two good reads, if I do say so myself

Social Engineering: The Basics. Joan Goodchild rounds up a bunch of her coverage on the topic of how scammers scam the scam-ees. 

More juice please! A link-building checklist for editors. My latest column on Ideas that bloggers can use as well, if you want to raise your blog’s profile in the eyes of search engines.

(It all fits together, trust me. See Reassembler’s tagline.)


5 thoughts on “Two good reads, if I do say so myself

  1. I’ve been using “the Shawn Bradley of Weblogs” as the tagline for years, but I don’t get any traffic from searches like “how not to play basketball”. What am I doing wrong?

  2. I sent the social engineering piece to all the movers and shakers in my little corner of the govt. Didn’t get much feedback at all. I think a new term is in order; “social engineering” doesn’t hit ’em in the solar plexus. What about “Invasion of Critically Important Spaces and Data Through Spooky CIA-developed Mind Control Techniques”? I know it’s long but it would grab a good deal of attention if used properly.

  3. Yes, the fact that Shawn Bradley could play in the NBA for over a decade meant that he technically was one of the best players on the planet. But please don’t ruin the fantasy for me.

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