Ween and Gwar

That’s Ween. Two talented high-school buddies who (by many reports) have steadfastly refused to do the kinds of music that sell lots of records. Mushrooms are (by many reports) a contributing factor.

That’s Gwar. I could describe them but I think you get the picture. This is a relatively tame video for them. Frequently (by many reports) they spray their audience with faux bodily fluids.

Ween, Gwar, they do their own thing. They’ve done it for decades. Whoever likes it likes it.


5 thoughts on “Ween and Gwar

  1. HA! I had run across this tune on YouTube (Where’d The Cheese Go) but had no idea it was any different than their other stuff.

    – Of which I should note that Voodoo Woman is pretty normal, and Poopship Destroyer is worth a listen for the opposite reason.

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