Official 2010 USATE team name prediction thread

How time flies. It’s nearly time to pack up the sled and mush back to Parsippany, known here in Boston’s metrowest area as “Framingham times infinity”. (A reference to our equally lovely Route 9.)

I will again be pseudo-live-blogging the event this year.

To recap, US Amateur Team East chess tournament teams give themselves – er, ourselves – names which are supposed to be funny but which rarely are. Usually there are one or two pop culture memes chosen and flogged to death. That means this year we’ll expect a profusion of puns centered around:

  • Avatar
  • Health care reform
  • The final season of LOST and/or Heroes

Am I missing something obvious?

I also predict there will be one team named Inglourious Basterds or something close.

10 thoughts on “Official 2010 USATE team name prediction thread

  1. Don’t forget Michael Jackson-themed names. I believe my team has such a name, though I’m not sure exactly what it is.

    Movie themed names are always a safe bet as well. The first time I heard of the USATE was in the early 80’s right after E.T. came out. If I remember correctly, the winning name that year was “e.p. pawn home.”.

  2. “Inglorious Batsferds”


    “The Senate lost it’s Super-pawn-majority”

    “District Fine”


  3. Inglourious Batsferds is world-class. That’s fantastic.

    Instead the winner will be something like “Ava-pawn-tar”. Sigh.

    “Pawns on the Ground”… (*scratches head*)

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