Travel music suggestions please

It’s 4-hour drive to Parsippany.

I’m on a terrible 80s kick and tempted to burn a CD of Adam Ant music.

Help me out.


Oh, oh, I got it. Ima make two CDs: “Then” and “Now”.

Now will include Phoenix 1901 and Wake Up by (The) Arcade Fire, among others. Possibly Them Crooked Vultures.

Then will include Waiting for the Night Boat and Ant Music, among others.


9 thoughts on “Travel music suggestions please

  1. This is a very personal thing, however I am on a terrible Kinks kick and I feel like I could listen to “Victoria” for the whole four hours…you might want to just do a collection of different songs, though.

  2. GK – thanks. Not sure about them; bears repeat listening.

    Robert – I probably owe the Kinks a shot. Have been exposed to only a fraction of their music.

    LEP – ah. Kooky. Tho not as painful as William Hung.

  3. Neko case ( to sooth the nerves)
    Bella Fleck and the flecktones (for the long ride through CT)
    Rodrigo Y Gabriella ( to get you pumped )
    Joe Strummer ( to get the attitude right)

  4. Had a brief fling with the Ting Tings, but their singing is not my thing.

    Bella Fleck is a suggestion I intellectually approve without intending to follow up on it :) I do have on Rodrigo Y number that does get me pumped.

    Incidentally my “get fired up” chess music in college was Bang a Gong and Some Like It Hot by the Power Station.

  5. Pop Goes the World. (if you like that kind of thing….)
    Bonnie Tyler.
    Chess — The Musical. “From square one, I’ll be watching aaaall 64.” “The queens we use will not excite you.”

    I had a lesson with Denys last night. He told me your team name. Nice team name, Derek! Very clever. I’ll be rooting for you from my cubicle. Get those games posted, ASAP (or at least a synopsis).

    Chess or Valentine’s Day with the sweetie? Hmm. Tough call. But those men who’ll be sitting in big hotel room on Sunday morning, next to other big sweaty men, sure know their priorities. “They get their kicks above the waistline.”

    Good luck, have fun, and kick ass. I wish I was there. (But don’t tell that to my wife.) :)


  6. Thanks for the well-wishes.

    Team name courtesy of M Phelps LLC.

    Chess wives are an unusually understanding lot. An unnamed frequent Reassembler visitor once described it as “I have accumulated enough good husband points” to merit a weekend wasted in Parsippany. (He can step forward if he likes.)

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