USATE 2010: Agley

That’s how things almost went, off the rails right out of the chute. (Bonus points for anyone who can explain the allusion in the title w/o using a search engine.)

Better update coming tomorrow after wall charts are updated, etc. Top two seeded teams are Massachusetts flavored – Vigorito/Ippolito’s team is #1 and the perennial Cambridge Springers with Bill Kelleher are #2.

We (The Shmelov Money) had an interesting pairing – board 1 was IM Robert Hungaski, and board 4 was a 1200. Unfortunately I screwed up and made a draw against a 1630-rated player; Denys’ opening didn’t pan out very well and he lost. Matt won cleanly on board four. Charles had to grind out a tough endgame against a 2100 player to win the match.

A few GMs (Lenderman, Hess, Bisguier, Yudasin) in the crowd – maybe more, but not a ton this year.

Behind the ropes

 “Behind the ropes” — this is where you want to sit, playing the top teams, cordoned off from the riff-raff.

We’re the 16th seed, so we don’t quite make the cut.


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