USATE 2010: Round two

Charles Riordan was the hero of last round, just preventing us from getting clipped by an upset. All the top seeds held form in round one – the highest rated team to suffer an upset was in the 20s.

For context, with an average rating of 2174, we’re seeded 16th.

Round two went better for us. We played the Newburyport (MA) club team, a very flat team all rated between 2030 and 1900. John Elmore had the misfortune of being Denys’ revenge victim and didn’t last long. My opponent folded up rather abruptly in a Dragon, so we were up 2-0. Charles won a longer game and Matt admirably defended against a savage attack to arrive at a piece-up endgame, which was still going late into the night. But the match is already settled and we should be behind the ropes tomorrow.

I note the absence of UT Dallas, which used to send a couple of teams rated 2150+. Too bad (not that I want to play college kids any more, after round 1).

Other teams from our club: The Lawyer Times/Greg Kaden BCC/MCC mashup is a top seed and should be 2-0 after tonight. GM Bisguier is on his usual squad with Dr. Ed Epp and Bill Michaels; they were behind the ropes tonight but I’ll have to see how that turned out tomorrow. The “Four Massketeers” – Winston Huang, Grant Xu, Danny Angermeier and Tian Rossi, all 15 or younger I believe – won their first round and then ran into Robert Hess’s team tonight. A lopsided result, but surely a cool experience for Winston in particular.