USATE 2010 round 3: The turducken, and some updates

The Parsippany Hilton is a sprawling facility. So sprawling in fact that two years ago they took the back quarter of the building, roughly, and turned it into a Hampton Inn.

One speculates that the Hilton wasn’t able to keep all those rooms filled; having another brand on the premises takes advantage of Hampton advertising and loyalty programs (if they have any) etc etc.

Whatever monetary sense it may make, it looks rather odd. The two pieces look different and are stitched together in the middle.

Perhaps they had a vision to create a modern day chimera, with various body parts assembled into a fire-breathing commercial juggernaut.

I’d say it’s more like a Turducken that’s still alive.

Oh, chess. Updates: For us, Matt completed a 4-0 sweep in round two. Notably, Vigorito’s team – rated 2199 – got dinged for a draw.

By chance in round three we were paired down again, on board 13. I could be wrong but I think we played the lowest-rated 2-0 team. I played possibly my best USATE game ever, sacrificing a whole rook for a slow-motion mate that he could only stop by giving up his queen with wildly uncoordinated pieces left behind. 0-1 in about 25 moves. At last checkin Matt looked worse, Denys and Charles were still battling.

Team name updates: I totally overlooked two obvious ones: Tiger Woods and Jersey Shore. “Tiger’s Discovered Mates”, etc.  How could I miss that? I was right about the others (“Inglourious Patzers”, etc)

(I could just provide chess updates, but that wouldn’t really be in the spirit of this blog, hmmm?)