USATE rounds 5 & 6 (short version)

Round five: Finally behind the ropes. We played Jay Bonin’s squad; Denys beat Bonin in an exciting game (they have a history from the US Chess League); Charles won nicely; I lost to a 2100 and Matt also lost to an expert. So a disappointing draw.

That dropped us down to board 10 for the finale. We won 3-1 and my opponent, with a FIDE rating of 2100, played … the Latvian Gambit. So you think I won easily because this is not a respected opening? Nothing is easy!

Meanwhile, the Cambridge Springers were playing for a top prize and Lawyer Times’ team had clawed back up to a high spot. At 5-1 with decent tiebreaks (a couple of 4-0 matches), we could win the top Massachusetts team prize (whatever that is).

Games, photos, results, ridiculous analogies still to come. Thanks for playing along on your TVs at home.


3 thoughts on “USATE rounds 5 & 6 (short version)

  1. All topped off with a five hour drive through a blinding snowstorm.

    The story of the tournament was Chris Williams and Sam Sloan ending up on the same team. Chris played nearly every game under the influence… and went 5-1.

      1. Neil — I think that Chris and Phil N needed to pick up two teammates and Sam simply happened to be one of the few available free agents.

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