Of Scams and Squidoo

Playing around with Squidoo. Created a page (“lens”) about spotting online scams.

Interesting? Fun? (I’ll expand it considerably over time.)


4 thoughts on “Of Scams and Squidoo

  1. Squidoo looks like a lame site. (It’s also, apparently, a lame sight). I went there and searched for “chess books,” and all I got was tons of annoying ads, poor formatting, and no content. Exactly how much revenue does a lens generate, anyway, a few pennies?

  2. I’m guessing it’s an unusual lens that makes money.

    On the cooler side, they quite aggressively promote the possibility of donating all your revenue to charity.

    I have no sense of the % of sites that are great. I may create a chess lens and see if I can get a better answer to your $$ question.

  3. I like the concept of Squidoo, but the execution seems poor. How is Squidoo any different than someone setting up their own Web site/blog and adding their own Google ads? What about all those people who donate their knowledge to Wikipedia, for free? Come to think of it, how does Wikipedia make money?

  4. Wikipedia makes money by begging for it.

    Having now looked under the hood, Squidoo is extremely easy to use. Easier than WordPress? Meh, probably not, but if you have absolutely no knowledge of HTML etc, maybe. And they’ve built up a pretty robust set of content to help people build lenses. (Yes I understand why they do that :)

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