Green food

Saw Food Inc.

Particularly fun: Factory-farmed chickens, bred such that their breast grows too fast for their bones and organs, so they can’t walk more than a few steps at a time and mostly just lie on the ground. Cows and pigs in CAFUs, Confined Animal Feeding Units, standing around caked with their own excrement – happily you can mitigate the salmonella risk by soaking your hamburger meat in chemicals or by irradiating it.

Yum yum, the American fast-food and supermarket diet!

Discovered the Nutrient Density Index. A scale rating food on minerals and vitamins but also “phytochemical” content. The greener the better, in short.

Can I validate the alleged science behind this scale? I cannot. But eating a lot of bok choy – don’t need any further science tests to push me there. Had it in stirfry tonight. Kale and spinach? Sign me up. Lunch these days is often hummus, pita from flax flour, tabouli (made my own tonight!), brown rice, fresh cukes, carrots sauteed with tagine spices. Apples from New England, not New Zealand.

Beats irradiated cow poop and freakshow chicken any day.


5 thoughts on “Green food

  1. I discovered the NDI a few weeks ago. The list looks like vegetable growers paid off the researchers.

    If the NDI were something like vitamins + minerals + whole grains (for example), we might be wondering why oatmeal is so far ahead of spinach on the scale instead of the other way around.

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