And now I do it for a living

In college I worked two part-time jobs. On weekends I was the janitorial assistant – up early Saturday and Sunday mornings to swab out the Hinton James residence hall lobby and restrooms. Delightful. The other job was desk attendant/night attendant. Nowadays Hinton James has an access card system, but at the time somebody sat in a glass bubble in the lobby, checked out games, replaced lost keys, and served as 411 for dorm visitors. Shifts were 5pm-9, 9 to midnight, midnight to 3am, and the awesome 3am-7am when the doors were locked and mostly it was a solitary place to do homework and get paid (a little) for it.

DAs/NAs had two logbooks. The official one was for recording hours worked and any incidents resolved. More fun was the Unofficial Logbook, where we wrote serial poetry, made unflattering observations about our fellow residents, and so on. A faux rap I recall from the Unofficial Logbook, the night attendant’s lament:

Ain’t got no CHANGE

Can’t lookup no NAMES

Gotta lotta residents without no BRAINS

Quality stuff, just as you might expect from a 20-year-old writing at 4am.

Now I find myself writing the back page for our security magazine, CSO, and producing such highbrow material as The Security Professional’s Holiday Gift Guide, a look at security awareness using Google Trends, and a trivia quiz about cop shows through the years.

Quality stuff, just as you might expect from a 40-year-old writing at 4am.