Eat, Papa, eat! Nobody likes a skinny Santa

Just back from visiting friends in East Lansing, where I heard it from two different people on the same day: Nobody likes a skinny Santa! It’s a standard exhortation for people my age, another gem from Romeo Muller.

Here’s the thing: I ate.

I ate fantastic Mexican at Pablo’s Panaderia in Old Town Lansing – enchiladas with tomatillo sauce and my first sope, just to see what that was. And another great lunch at Mama Bear’s – a tempeh sandwich with tabouli. And an excellent Ethiopian meal at Altu’s. And an amazing travel dinner in Syracuse at Lemongrass – spicy Prig Pau with pork tenderloin and basil and lots of tasty hot peppers.

Net result? Lost two pounds.

Based so far north, Santa might have too much hardtack with lard. He would probably cut a svelte figure and have more energy if he ate more hummus.


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